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Simple ESRS

ESRS in an application? ​

Why companies need software for ESRS reporting?

The online platform enables companies to easily, accurately and completely create reports that comply with regulatory requirements.
By guiding the user through all the steps necessary to create a report, the platform ensures a thorough and efficient process of collecting data and generating the correct report.

The ESRS standard looks at the company’s operations in a broader context and enables cooperation between stakeholders participating in data collection and report creation. ESRS software helps companies improve their ESG performance, build stakeholder trust and achieve business sustainability.

Be prepared for CSRD

Simple ESRS - your CSRD Swiss knife

Simple ESRS simplifies the collection, organization and reporting of relevant ESG performance indicators for companies who need or want to improve the sustainability of their business.

Guidance through the standard

The platform guides users through the process of assessment, stakeholder engagement and data collection, all the way to the creation of the final report.

Simplified reporting process

The platform reduces the time and resources required for ESRS compliance by interpreting the requirements of the standard and providing advice for better understanding,

Platform for all your ESG data

The platform provides comprehensive and centralized access to all relevant information on past and future ESG reports. The system enables a continuous flow of information, which facilitates cooperation within the company and with its partners.

Improved regulatory compliance

New versions of standards are always available, reducing the risk of non-compliance and working on irrelevant topics.

Effective risk management

The platform helps users identify potential risks and take measures to reduce them, thereby reducing the likelihood of negative consequences.

Efficient and manageable reporting

It enables the delegation of parts of reporting to different organizational levels and employees, as well as an automated and transparent display of progress in data collection and report creation.

Improved trust of shareholders and partners

A systematic approach to ESG reports demonstrates the company's commitment to transparency and responsibility in environmental, social and governance issues.

Compliance with the audit

The platform enables auditors review access to confirm or comment the reporting process, data quality and the final report. Communication can take place through the platform, which simplifies the correction and information flow.​

All in one place

Simple ESRS - intuitive guide through standards

Designed in collaboration with experts in the field sustainability, the Simple ESRS platform contains everything a company needs to be compliant with ESRS standards from day one.

Personal ESG consultant

Designed in collaboration with sustainability consultants, the platform is a reliable guide for ensuring ESG compliance. With each publication request, expert advice is offered to help you understand the requirements of the standard and formulate a response. The report preparation process is simplified and efficient at every step – from assessing double significance to responding to individual requests for publication.

Reporting simplified

CSRD envisages continuous annual publication of reports on sustainable operations. The company has all data related to past and future ESRS reporting in one place, with simple cooperation in collecting information within the company, from multiple users and departments, as well as from its partners.

Effectiveness in reporting - AI consultant

The platform uses AI technology to simplify the regulatory framework and help with responsiveness. The AI consultant provides concise knowledge of parts of the ESRS standard, additional explanations of regulatory requirements, paraphrasing of answers and assistance at any time. Complemented by expert advice, the AI consultant saves time, allowing the company to focus on important topics – sustainability strategy.

CSRD regulatory framework

Corporate Reporting Directive Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive - CSRD)

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) entered into force in 2023 and brought reporting obligations for companies.

It aims to ensure uniform reporting in accordance with and within the framework of the EU Taxonomy, through the European Standards for Sustainability Reporting (ESRS). The ESRS standards determine the indicators that companies must publish, in order to assess the extent to which their activities are sustainable.

In order to be CSRD compliant, companies will have to:

Who has to report

Large EU public interest companies
Large companies that are subjects of public interest and have more than 500 employees.
Large EU companies

They meet at least 2 of 3 criteria:

- total balance of €20 million or more

- net turnover of €40 million or more

- an average of 250 or more employees during the financial year


The company is listed on the regulated EU market and meets at least 2 of the following criteria:

- net balance €4 million

- net turnover €8 million

- on average 50
employees during
financial year

Parent companies outside the EU

Net turnover of at least €150 million in the EU, with the fulfillment of at least one of the criteria:

- at least 1 branch
is a company in the EU

- at least 1 branch
achieves turnover in the amount of €40 million or more

Velika EU društva od javnog interesa
Velika društva koja su subjekti od javnog interesa i imaju više od 500 zaposlenika.
Velika EU društva

Ispunjavaju barem 2 od 3 kriterija: 

- ukupna bilanca 20
mil. € ili više

- neto promet 40
mil. € ili više

- u prosjeku 250
zaposlenika tijekom
financijske godine

Mala i srednja poduzeća EU-a

Mora biti uvršteno na regulirano tržište EU-a i ispunjavati 2 od sljedećih kriterija: 

- neto bilanca 4 mil. € ili više

- neto promet 8 mil. € ili više

- u prosjeku 50 zaposlenika tijekom financijske godine

Matična društva izvan EU-a

Neto promet od barem 150 mil. € u EU i ispunjavati 1 od kriterija: 

- barem 1 podružnica je društvo u EU (veliko ili malo SME)

- barem 1 podružnica ima promet veći od 40 mil. €



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